Monday, September 24, 2012


after going through last fall's sweaters (some moth eaten), i decided that this evening would be better spent daydreaming about the sweaters i WOULD buy should i have bottomless pockets.  Here are a few...

to be worn back with my black leather skinnies and some cute gaia restreppo oxfords.  add in giant chunky chandelier earrings and a clutch.  voila.

do i really want to look like i'm wearing garbage bags for sleeves?  yes i do. case closed.

this sweater is bordering on the fugly.  more on this later.  the key with a fugly sweater is to ruche up the sleeves on your arms and have two arm parties going - they'll never know what hit them, the fugliness or the awesomeness.

sweater jacket?  this would be a cost per wear item FOR SHIZ.  it basically goes back to everything in your wardrobe.  even your lederhosen... just strategically doing some Halloween research  - WHAT?!

are you joking me? when i'm stuck in traffic i can count the squares on my sweater.  it's fun AND cozy.

i just picture wearing this with my beat up old boyfriend jeans and some combat boots, hair very a la LA - read; non washed and starting to dread

more fugly!!!  not only is this sweater the glorious shade of POOBROWN© but it has metallic crap all over it.  perfect for a first date!

a pop of color works for me.  my NARS matte lipstick will be appreciative and they'll have tons to gab on about while i try to fight the evil forces of fashion off all day long.

just cause i think sweatshirts are where it's at - i've also included this bejeweled one.  since you already obviously have bling at the neckline, it's best to pull up your hair in a messy bun and bust out those Dynasty chandelier earrings your mother has secretly been hoarding..

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012


just a lil' somethin' to commemorate my trip


this series of portraits entitled 'Smoking Kid's' obviously caught me off guard..  i was enchanted at what  brilliant little actors these kids were.  i also love the creative behind it, especially the attention to detail in the clothes...  photographs by frieke janssens


hmmmmm.  although i'm all down for the florals, the pastels, the animal prints, lace etc.  i must say that this trend has me a little trumped.  call me a sissy but back in high school my idea of sports was asking my coach if i could use the restroom AGAIN so i could go and catch my breath...  i would feel like i was just lying to people if i wore the sports inspired look head 2 toe.  mind you, i did buy a neoprene scuba pencil skirt and i think it will pair back to a white tee and leather jacket JUST FINE.  head's up!