Sunday, May 30, 2010


i used to listen to her when i was 12. Joe le Taxi. Go ahead - youtube it. i loved her from the very start. she is the original of all originals. it doesn't get much cooler than Vanessa Paradis... just ask Johnny.

Monday, May 24, 2010


here is another one of the shots that my friend Shelley took of me. i bought that dress for 6.99$ at a vintage store. it's one of my favorite finds.


i have this thing that when i wake up and have no time to get 'my shit together' aka - i totally slept in - i find that a glop of lipstick in a really bright shade actually makes people think that i've put effort into my outfit (when really i'm wearing the pants that were on the bedroom floor). the only annoying thing about this fabulous trick is that my lips are always stained at the end of the day! not quite sure what i'm doing wrong.... i stick to bright pinks and bright reds, they go with everything. oh yeah - and the other thing is that men tend to not like red lipstick..... is it because they don't want it on their face? please - do tell.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Joe; men were in awe of him and women just wanted to be with him. simply put, the man (ok maybe deity) was pure raw sexual energy. andy warhol certainly thought so... i think what i like about this man more than anything is that he just did whatever the hell pleased him and didn't really care what other people thought. look at that face.... does anything compare to the look in those eyes? happy friday kittens xo!

Monday, May 17, 2010


okay. i admit it. i have certain things that make me weak in the knees... i know every scenester out there is wearing a pair of glasses right now, but i would really really really love to find a pair that suited my face. particularly in the pattern of the hot guy's 3rd below picture. now that is some sexy shit if you ask me. also, everytime i walk by a guy wearing a pair of glasses in similar styles, i actually feel my knees start to wobble. i mean - what is this? am i in grade 9 again? picture 11 actually made me giddy... c'mon - don't lie - you love it too..