Thursday, July 30, 2009


Forever the fashion scandal; to fur or not to fur?  Perhaps it's because i live in Canada, perhaps it's because i believe it is human nature, perhaps it is because i eat meat... I fur. That being said, my two favorite pieces have to be my white silver rabbit fur jacket and a recent gift i got from my bestie Marcus; a three quarter sleeve mink mid 60's boxy jacket.  I will be sporting both this fall along with my numerous fur collars i like to accessorize with.  If you would like to purchase friendly fur (which is always best) check out label Harricana, a Montreal based company which makes gorgeous pieces out of recycled fur.  I was lucky enough to go through the fall collection a few months ago. 

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  1. yo love harricana... bought a furry bag last fall can't wait to pull it out again! xx


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