Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Because i am starving and thinking about my stomach, i thought i'd write about one of my favorite spots since i've moved to the city.  If you live in Toronto and you've never been to Terroni's before (and trust me, such mortals exist) then you don't know what you're missing. Yeah they're nazis about the 'no cheese' policy on the seafood dishes, and yeah you feel like smacking someone when they won't bring you balsamic vinegar to put in the olive oil... but really - get over it.  Who cares?!  You're there for the food, and that's why i keep going back.  There's just something soothing and cozy about it, the aromas of the food and the loud bantering of the diner crowd just makes you feel happy.  Hipster servers only need apply, there's enough ink in that place to cover a football field.  Anyway - if you go, or if you're in town - try the following;
-funghi salad
-giugiolosa salad
-the cured meat and cheese platter
-parpadelle a la iosa

They've opened up a location in Los Angeles too!
Oh and don't order the above all at the same time because you'll never finish it.... little piggy!

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