Tuesday, August 04, 2009


The countdown continues for the coveted items for fall.  Acid wash jeans.  Were you around for it the first time?  I was.  When i was 12 my mother bought me a brand new pair of levi's which i promptly took down to the laundry room and decided to bleach the crap out of.  The result was.... interesting? I should have done a few practice runs, but hey - i WAS 12.  Anyhoo, my punishment was to wear them around.  This time around, i think i'll go for something more tonal, the busier the acid wash, the erm 'bigger' you look is my take on the trend.  I have a pair of baby pink ones which i really like because they are diffrent.  As long as you keep it in the skinny leg body with an ankle length you're golden.


  1. The jeans of the 1st pic is really cool!

  2. Antonio - i agree! It's not like all the black/grey ones i've seen. Very different!


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