Sunday, August 16, 2009


I've had my eye on Malgosia Bela for quite some time.  Obviously I can't seem to get enough of her.  I think the fact that we were born in the same year, 77, makes me feel like i can connect with her more than the younger set... or perhaps i just have a soft spot for her...   

Or mayyyybe i'm just trying to convince myself that if i take care of myself enough (ie; stop smoking butts, drinking too much champers, apply loads and loads of goop on my face etc.) i might still be able to cut a decent figure in  my wardrobe and those wrinkles on my forehead will magically dissapear?.... enough about that - for now - it's a dangerous game.  

Back to Bela; the Polish model is also an actress, has a degree in anthropology and is more than just 'good' at playing the piano.  Oh - and she's a mother too.  Malgosia photographs beautifully.  She also has a bit of an aristocratic look to her, and you can tell she's smart no matter the editorial.  I love that her breasts are not so plump or taut, and that she still chooses to expose them.  Most of all, i can't help but be drawn in by those big blue doe eyes.  Yes darlings - i think she is DIVINE.... Have i mentioned i'm never cutting my hair again?


  1. She is gorgeous! She looks perfect in all pics!!!

    the singular

  2. I love all of these pictures!

  3. I love her work. Beauty.

    juliet xxx

  4. The one with a mask of glitter, J'ADORE.

  5. Oh, sure thaang! Linklinklink. xx


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