Saturday, August 15, 2009


So after posting that all i want to wear is BLACK, of course i did a triple take looking at the invitation for yesterday evenings festivities ; 'ONLY COLOR - NO BLACK'.... there must be a mistake..REALLLLLY?  (said with the intonation of a 4 year old girl). Not wanting to be a debbie downer - there's nothing worse really - i decided to open the vaults....  After ransacking not one but two closets, i came upon an oldie favorite that was perfect for the evening!  Here's a peak.  Party was so fun, we danced the night away like a the disco queens that we are.  Does it count that my nails are painted black and i'm wearing mean shoes?  Oh and i also find it amusing that my friend A thinks cream is a color... teehee


  1. lovely ladies! sorry i missed out on the fun:( xx

  2. Anonymous17/8/09

    Ivory is a better way to showcase my JEWELS!
    Love, A

  3. I am in love with this dress! I really want something like this myself!


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