Thursday, October 22, 2009


Since 89% of my friends are married, i've been privy to some 'china' discussions before. China. What's the big deal? My mom has China and we maybe (if we're lucky) get to eat on it once a year. I've always thought it was a waste. It's like silver. If i had silver place settings, i'd use them everyday. That way i would feel like a princess everyday instead of once a year. What is it with these weird wedding traditions? Buy a set of nice plates to put in a cupboard and only use it for 'special occasions'???? Guess what sweetheart, being alive is an occasion. Not to mention how traditional and boring some China is... i never thought i'd buy any China if i ever got married........................ until now.


  1. spill it... what, where and how much? if i get married you buy it for me and vice versa! xx

  2. lol i soooo hear you! Your little bit really made me laugh cause i totally relate. It's like when people by these really nice items of clothing and "save" them not to ruin them. It's so frustrating! It's not meant to sit there in your closet, shit is meant to be worn, especially when you pay that much for it!

    And same goes for china... i think that'll be my new motto: 'being alive is an occasion'. I love that!

  3. I want! this would be like my fancy thanksgiving dinner ware. (were, wear, waer?)

  4. Anonymous27/10/09

    i want!! who?!!!


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