Thursday, October 15, 2009


I was at an event last night where they flew in a couple of Canadian model's to 'glamourify' - ahem. One of them being a favorite of mine - not because she's Canadian but because she plainly just kicks ass. Daria Werbowy. It's not my first time seeing models up close. But for the sake of us normal people, i really must point out how abnormal these creatures are. The proportions are astounding, legs that go to heaven and what struck me the most is how wide set the eyes are. Incredible... I felt a little bad for Daria, she was being followed by a posse of 'insert important name tag here' boring people. My friend Erdem and I however, were in the corner drinking Veuve... and that was good times. Note to self - remember to eat next time. Qu'elle headache!


  1. Yes -- wide eyes. Really quite wide . . .

  2. Cool shots :-P

  3. she is stunning and seems really cool xx

  4. I find Daria and Lily Donaldson two of the most beautiful models on the runway today. Nice to see you were able to get a close-up look of her.



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