Tuesday, November 17, 2009


so i thought i'd get to know you a little more by starting this series of questions over a cup o' tea (okay or maybe a glass of pinot) .... my first one is;
why did you start your blog?
the answer doesn't have to be life altering, it could simply be because you were bored! do tell! x


  1. for one i definitely wanted to get my fashion illustrations out there, however have been on the slacky side with them. but for the most part, i wanted to have some control over something, there are way too many times when my voice/vision wasn't getting heard, and here i'm expected to have one.

    great question, and lookin forward to what others have to see as well!


  2. haha bored with my day job? lol. you? xx

  3. Something to do when I'm not painting or working on my book. Also it's a good place to write a poem, quote, or graffiti before it slips out of my head and is lost forever.

  4. Great photo + thoughtful question!

    After I went through a breakup, I realized I had depended on my (ex) girlfriend to style me. I didn't know where to start, I don't have any sisters, and I couldn't find any relatable male fashion blogs. So I taught myself fashion, bit by bit, and decided to document the process in a blog. The part I didn't count on was meeting so many great people with their own blogs (: like you :)

    Thanks for giving me a space to share that. Looking forward to reading other people's responses.

  5. well, i) needing an outlet for all those things that i love (read: something not organizational anthropology and thesis), and ii) hoping that i'd figure myself out in the process.

  6. It's been so long i'm not sure i even remember! I think it's cause i wanted to be more proactive lol

  7. i like pretty pictures. i want to have a place to look at my favorite ones.
    and you??

  8. I started my blog because I love celebrity fashion and I really loved having a creative outlet. It's always fun when I spot a look and then I can share that look with readers who are celebrity-style obsessed like me. Not to mention, having a blog is fun. =)

  9. I really needed a place to post all of the photos I take . . . it completes the my photography process, if you will.

  10. wow..love that pic, it's so inspiring!!

    xx cody


  11. I wanted to get some writing samples and it has helped me get freelance work, and finding so many cool, creative girls around the world has been extra amazing.

  12. That a great photo.

    I started my blog for a couple of reasons. One was that I was bored to be honest. lol I had a lot of free time. I hate my job. There's nothing really else out there right now. Blogging helped get my mind off my problems. It was also a way to share my interests with others. It also gave me a chance to meet other people.

  13. thanks so much for all the answers.
    is it me or was that a bit like group therapy?
    in any case, it was awesome. everyone sharing a bit of themselves.

    i started my blog because i met someone and we dated for four months. during those four months i found myself talking about all the things i wanted to do.. you know.. projects and such. the relationship didn't last. to console myself and keep myself busy, i decided to take up all those projects that i've always wanted to do.. and one of them was to start a blog! and if i hadn't... i wouldn't have met all of YOU awesome turkeys!!!

    monster hugs all around xoxoxox


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