Thursday, January 07, 2010


this post is dedicated to my good friend Jayme
just another Friday night at the F Palace...

this vestibule is oh so useful as i discard my piles of mail onto the table and keep walking through the hall in my long silk charmeuse printed kimono

the girls (and the boys that want to be girls) come over and Fred the 'butler' serves us straight up dirty vodka martinis here. i keep a teloscope in the study so as to better spy on the neighbors and find out what kind of shennenigans they are up to... (cackle of laughter in the background)

of course since the domain is quite large, sometimes it's hard to hear what other people are saying at the end of the hallway 'i'd like to entertain some queers!' - 'what's that you say? you'd like to take on the deer?' in the end, it's all the same.

note chaise longue near teloscope so best friend can lie there pointing finger at you 'oh - you're such a nosy bitch, get your own life, spice it up, your life is SO BORING' (as he talks directly to the cat 2 meters to my right)

this is the perfect corner i go to when i have a disagreement with a friend. all i have to do is stand there with the finger pointing at him... although the other finger DOES point at me. should have gotten two fingers pointing one way.... godamnit!

this is where i fall asleep with all of my jewels on .... and wake up WITH ALL OF MY JEWELS ON - GLAMOUUUUUUUUUR

the next day i get to wash up in my twinkling light bathroom and dream of the next time the possee comes over!

Thank you to apartment therapy for inspiring this fictitious dream (based on true stories of course) teeeheeeeee


  1. LOL! What a delightful and amusing post! Love it.

  2. So rad! I LOVE that bathroom. might have to copy that idea!

    Based on your posts and comments you seem like a super good friend.

  3. ... I call: 'Fred, bring me a cup of tea and help me take off my jewellery!' ... When Fred leaves for the safe Daniel (my slightly dishevelled lover) comes in ... Well, not time to get up yet...
    I could go on forever! Sabine x

  4. Amazingly decorated spaces!!

  5. ooh I want to live there too! xo

  6. ha i am right there with you what beautifull rooms i love the all white bed:)xx and i would love to exchange links i have been following your blog for a while:)xxscisi

  7. wow! so pretty. i love the bedroom and the lights in the bathroom

  8. Anonymous9/1/10

    Love love love! I need a white bed!

  9. Yes the pics is amazing. Thanks!

  10. and I want to live there. the bathroom is adorable I love it !! =)


  11. What a delightful and amusing post!

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  12. why am i not living there.

  13. my god, this house is simply STUNNING!!!
    we would like to live there :)))


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