Friday, February 05, 2010


Dear Shoe Fairy,
I KNOW i just bought a pair of Prada booties, some Pierre Hardy sandals.... (and a couple more in Paris) but if you could just please throw these my way i would be ever so grateful to you! I promise to wear them with style and panache, i'll even start flossing twice a day! If you should so be inclined to also send me the name of a Shoe Addict group, i would most graciously welcome it as my bank account is in the negative zone.... I mean really - what's a girl to do? It's not fair if you think about it, designers are constantly creating pretty things we want to get our hands on! Dudes have it sooooo easy.


  1. Anonymous5/2/10



  2. amazing bootie! is that alexander wang? i've seen similarities with the ones jessica szohr wore in the february 2010 issue of teen vogue.

    psst... while we're at it, i'd gladly splurge as well, eventhough my account will eventually reach the "negative zone" in the end. haha.

    can't wait to see more cool things from you!

  3. Yes to that! We could start the shoe addict group and then swap our little fetishes = more shoes for all of us! So how about you start handing over your Prada booties & Pierre Hardys?!

  4. Amen! Send a little fairy dust my way too please :)

  5. Amen!! Love the booties..

  6. what a wicked pair of shoes!!!
    it looks like a jacket for your foot :)

  7. I am a total shoe addict. So I can't help you. I'd be asking you to make sure that the person who sends you a pair sends me one too.


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