Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Dita Von Teese. Born Heather Renee Sweet. She chose the stage name Dita after old hollywood stars. Dita has been obsessed with all things old hollywood glamour for a long time. Let's admit it - she's a pretty classy broad. The woman strips down to her rhinestone pasties and still looks like a lady. Props to that methinks! Through practicing tighlacing and wearing corsets, Dita has been able to bring down her waist size to 16.5 inches in a corset - don't even ask me where the organs go... Once married to Marylin Manson, she's upgraded to Count Louis Marie de Castelbajac. Uh huh. He's a Count. He's smoking. He's 25..... and she's 37. Fucking A.


  1. She is pretty unique...And I guess uniqueness is better than anything!

  2. she's so hot tho she could probably get whoever she wants!

    fun blog you have - cool indeed x

  3. I admire this woman. Shows how far old-style hollywood combined with sheer will power can go!

  4. shes fascinating. I would love to look just like her (and date a Count!!)


  5. I cannot believe her waist size in that corset . . .


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