Friday, March 05, 2010


This is still one of my all time favorite editorials i've ever laid eyes on. Have you seen Tim Burton's movie yet? I'm in the country this weekend, but looking forward to seeing it when i'm back in the city. Have a great weekend kittens! x


  1. yes. very beautiful eds indeed. and lagerfeld's in there, too. what a fashion wonderland!!

  2. I love that editorial too . . .

    How are you? Are you using your new camera?

  3. Also one of my all-time favorites. This story is just so genius and so well done, this one goes down in history.

    Have a great weekend in the country! xx

  4. What an amazing shoot! All these designers and their creations fit so perfectly into the AiW world...

  5. i have seen this editorial many times by now and i still find it amazing...certainly of my all-time favorites as well!

  6. still havent seen the movie... but cant wait!
    still love the story tho, so made her a theme in some of my recent artwork :)


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