Monday, May 24, 2010


i have this thing that when i wake up and have no time to get 'my shit together' aka - i totally slept in - i find that a glop of lipstick in a really bright shade actually makes people think that i've put effort into my outfit (when really i'm wearing the pants that were on the bedroom floor). the only annoying thing about this fabulous trick is that my lips are always stained at the end of the day! not quite sure what i'm doing wrong.... i stick to bright pinks and bright reds, they go with everything. oh yeah - and the other thing is that men tend to not like red lipstick..... is it because they don't want it on their face? please - do tell.


  1. beautiful and inspiring pics as always!!! thanks for sharing. your blog is always so inspiring.!

  2. I'm loving the 5th one. Rouge lips, super duper sexy!

  3. Gorgeous lips! I don't use to wear lipstick, but this inspire me.

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    best regards from Sweden

  4. Now I think I'm going to wear pink lipstick!

  5. Yeah . . . I love love red lipstick. Have been wearing it since i was a teen. But guys don't like it because, as my BF told me: (a) your lips become immediately unnatural and unkissable; and (b) only clowns wear red lipstick. So, I am, was and will remain an unnatural, unkissable clown face - until bedtime anyway.


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