Monday, May 17, 2010


okay. i admit it. i have certain things that make me weak in the knees... i know every scenester out there is wearing a pair of glasses right now, but i would really really really love to find a pair that suited my face. particularly in the pattern of the hot guy's 3rd below picture. now that is some sexy shit if you ask me. also, everytime i walk by a guy wearing a pair of glasses in similar styles, i actually feel my knees start to wobble. i mean - what is this? am i in grade 9 again? picture 11 actually made me giddy... c'mon - don't lie - you love it too..


  1. Picture 5 made me weak in the knees... Damn.

    Exchange links? Hell yeah- done and done!

  2. oh and ps where'd you get your lace top missy??! I'm dying for one, thanks. xxx

  3. ooown lovely pics!
    the cat is the best! uhuhu

  4. OH i know! those glasses are so so cool! i wish i had bad eyesight just so i could get a pair.
    cool blog ♥

  5. what a fun post...i've so been thinking of trading in my glasses (which i only wear once in a while, for far away things). currently they are black frames (ralph lauren) but smallish frames, i'd love to pull off larger black frames like these. love!

  6. It's terrible that I actually NEEEDD glasses and I don't look anywhere as stylish as these folks.

    Love Grace.


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