Tuesday, January 25, 2011


danish. actress, photographer, artist, model. certainly not just a pretty face, and certainly doesn't take shit from anyone.

on Terry Richardson;
"He takes girls who are young, manipulates them to take their clothes off and takes pictures of them they will be ashamed of. They are too afraid to say no because their agency booked them on the job and are too young to stand up for themselves.
"His 'look' is girls who appear underage, abused, look like heroin addicts ... I don't understand how anyone works with him."
Rasmussen recently bumped into Richardson at a party in Paris and expressed these same sentiments.
"I told him what you do is completely degrading to women. I hope you know you only fuck girls because you have a camera, lots of fashion contacts and get your pictures in Vogue.
"Instead of arguing with me, Terry ran out of the bar. Then the next day, he called my agency and complained I called him names in front of clients in Paris. It was the most cowardly thing I have ever seen."
anyone who pisses on Terry's parade gets my attention.
see the video clip at the end with parts of movies she's done.


  1. she's a strong,confident woman and i like how rock n roll she is. she could've been a rockstar if she wants to.
    i have nothing against terry richardson, i personally think that, despite those negative remarks about him, he got a certain inimitable style in his photographs.

    perhaps each of them has their own eccentricities and artistic values. it's always confusing to watch intelligent artists attacking each other.

  2. Cool photos!

    Juliet xxx

  3. Very disturbing photos, but I like them.

  4. I just love it when they clash fashion and art. Purely beautiful ensemble! Some disturbing pictures, but gorgeous post altogether :)

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    Juliet xxx


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