Sunday, January 15, 2012


I've been spending A LOT  TOO MUCH time on the Enchanted Doll website. Slightly obsessed with how Marina Bychkova is able to create such exquisite pieces.  Her dolls are all made in porcelain and are ball jointed.  Marina then paints them and as you can see, they are pretty lifelike!  Honestly some of the outfits are just bananas.  Imagine how much time you would spend making those little clothes?!  I think Marina has the best job EVER.  Visit her website at for more information.  

I've just gifted myself the book and hope to have a doll someday!


  1. Fantastic. Haven't seen anything quite like it. I will have to go over and have a look for myself :)
    I am loving your blog by the way! You have so many great finds on here!!

  2. Really fantastic and cool and artistic at the same time!


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