Monday, June 28, 2010


i was in mexico not too long ago as some of you may remember. the purpose was to attend D&D's nuptials. i had such a good time i still taste the vodka pepino's on my tongue when i start to think about it. pleasantries aside. D&D came into my life not too long ago, but the kind that always leave a mark. every time we see each other it's as though no time has gone by. when i look at the two of them - i truly believe in the meaning of marriage. looking forward to the london reunion in august. xo
oh - and just to give you an idea. the bride wore lanvin...... and the groom did too..


  1. :) RADDNESS!!! What a gnarly place! :) Thanks for the awesome photos! Love the Skull Flower vace!

  2. wow looks ridiculously amazing! miss u xx

  3. Oh to have a Lanvin wedding dress would be amazing! It looked stunning!

  4. D&D look like a very cool couple - and you look like you are having fun!


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